Dec 05 2019

Maestro, Lugano

The Lady of The Night.

I have previously seen Valerie over a year ago, due to our both having a busy schedule it has been some time since we have been able to catch up.

I emailed Valerie and made an appointment with her for a Saturday Night, I arrived on time and eagerly awaited her arrival in the hotel cocktail lounge.

Now Gentleman let me tell you this I saw a Vision of Loveliness exit the Elevator Lobby, and make her way towards me.

This is a woman who makes you feel like a friend, totally relaxing you with her warm and sincere welcome, a true Lady of Class and Elegance.

We made our way to an empty table and made ourselve comfortable, Valerie has this Genuine Warmth about her, and her memeory is impecable.

I had been with could not even remember my name or anything we discussed, with Karolina that is one small difference that Truly seperates her from any Lady in The Industry.

Warm, Friendly, Relaxing, Caring, and ever so aluring. her beauty is beyond descripton, and my feeble words could never do her Beauty justice.

I think the word I am looking for is Aphrodite. - Goddess of Sweet Love, her sexuality, Beauty, operate on a level that few lucky enough to spend a few fleeting hours with with not

Fully know until they awake in the middle of the night and realise that they have been with a Goddess.

I could talk forever about the times we had been together but in all honestly this is the only woman your need to try and least once as you will be back and back forever.

Take care and all my love.